Haute 100 Update: Anna Wintour May Be Psychic

Many words have been used to describe Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour over the years… genius, legendary, even terrifying, but the publication’s creative director Grace Coddington wants to add “psychic” to the list.

During a friendly chat with the former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière in the latest issue of Interview, Coddington discusses her new memoir, epic career, love of cats, and of course, what exactly brought the famous redhead to Vogue.

There’s wasn’t an application or even an interview. As it turns out, there was hardly even a conversation. After Wintour landed the EIC title, Coddington called to congratulate her and “half-joking” asked if Wintour would ever work with her again. Moments later, Wintour replied, “Start on Monday — I’m starting on Monday.”

Though Wintour could have been planning to offer her the gig all along, Coddington isn’t convinced. “Anna knows exactly what everyone is doing and thinking,” she says, “because everybody confides in her.”

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