Fans Flock To ‘Odd Couple’ Apartment Following Death of Jack Klugman

Fans of Jack Klugman, who died Christmas Eve, have been paying their respects at 1049 Park Avenue, the address of the Upper East Side building where his character lived as one half of TV’s “Odd Couple.” The iconic building appears in the opening credits of the show, which starred Klugman as sportswriter Oscar Madison and the late Tony Randall as Felix Unger.

“An ambulance crew, cops and just random people knocked on the door,” the building’s doorman, Sean Kavanagh, told the New York Daily News. “They asked if Felix and Oscar are home, which I get a lot.” The building even receives mail deliveries for the pair from time to time.

“It was always fun seeing (our building) in the opening credits,” said the co-op board president Charles Garnett. “Everybody talks about it. It’s one of the few buildings on Park Ave. with a real story behind it.” A four-page obituary about Klugman now rests under glass in the lobby.