Day In The Life : Life In The Fast Lane

Jonathan Adler Is Known For His Small Batch Pottery and Decidedly Upbeat Decor Items. Haute Living caught Up With The Designer Hours Before The opening Of His New Design District Store. Between dog-walking Duty And A Daily Routine That Is Any – Thing But , Adler Is Opening New Stores In Houstonand london And Work On A New Line Of Ties, out In 2013.

6:45 AM My day starts and it’s always a race to wake up first; because whoever wakes up last walks the dog Liberace, and it’s usually Simon, my husband. Then I get straight to the gym in the morning, where I work out my rage and frustration by lifting weights, running, doing lots and lots of just different violent workouts rather than a different sort of a spiritual yoga situation. It’s like unless I’m channeling some sort of lunatic rage, I’m not feeling like I’m working out. It’s got to be high impact.

9:00 AM So I’ve had an intense morning by the time I get to work at 9 am. When I get to work there’s no rage and I have worked through any issues. I am a delight all day long, as any of my employees can tell you. My day is fun from the minute I get up until the minute I get to sleep. Work for me is not like work for most people. I get to have the most diverse work day (which I think is what everyone should strive for in their career). I might get to the office and throw a pot in my pottery studio, then have a meeting on the fashion accessories we are doing. Basically my day is spent working on design from the time I get to work till the time I go home. My job is a dream and I am the luckiest person on earth.

1:00 PM Every day I go to lunch at 1 pm at Giorgioni and sit at a corner table that’s always kept for us. I go there with my work husband David, who is the president of my company, and talk about our routine. I have a delicious Chicken Parmagiano. My breakfast is high protein and my lunch is very ‘Real Housewives,’ low carb. It’s a delight.

7:00 PM I get home for the evening usually around 7 pm. And then play ping pong with my husband, and win (obviously,) and have a good chuckle and chitty- chat with him for hours. I watch TV and then ruin my diet after dinner with about 75 cookies. And before bed, I always walk the dog.