Chef Daniel Boulud’s Wacky Christmas Card

Happy holidays from Daniel Boulud and his, er, hot dog! The acclaimed French chef best known for Daniel, a Michelin 3-star restaurant in NYC, sent out Christmas cards of himself dressed in a formal suit pouring champagne alongside an image of a hot dog propped up by plastic mustard and catchup bottles.

But fans of Boulud know that this is not just any piece of street meat. The classically trained chef creates house-made sausages in 12 different varieties, though only three come on a bun. His signature American-style dog served at East Village hotspot DBGB Kitchen & Bar consists of a house beef frank, sautéed onions, mustard, ketchup, 299 relish and the restaurant’s secret sauce. “You get the fire of the sauce, you get the smokiness. What’s good with this is sweet and sour, spicy and meaty, and the bread brings a little bit of balance,” he explains.