Avant Gallery To Host Daphne Guinness Afterparty With Alec Monopoly

Street artist Alec Monopoly will be creating art live at Avant Gallery on Miami Beach tonight at a soiree that serves as Daphne Guinness’ official afterparty. Following a Haute Living party with the socialite and couture creature at Villa Azure, the celebration will move next door to the unique gallery.  Guests will be treated to a live art demo by “Monopoly”. The moniker is an alias for the street artist who uses the famous game icon to depict messages of society, consumption and selfhood at large. Avant is part art gallery part design shop for contemporary works including screens prints by Damian Hirst, Andy Warhol and mixed media pieces by Alejandro Vigilante and Alec Monopoly. This Miami Art Week mark’s the gallery’s 4th Annual Pictures & Furniture Exhibition.