What’s On My Desk: Marcella Novela, Chair of MAM Contemporaries

Marcella Novela is a supporter and advocate of the arts. Her first love is the Miami Art Museum where she sits on the Board of Trustees, Chair the MAM Contemporaries and Young Collectors Council groups, and this year Co-Chair the annual MAM Ball during Miami Art Basel Week. Marcella and her husband Daniel also support the Bass Museum, MOCA, Wolfsonian Museum and the New World Symphony.

1. Item: Metallic Gold Native Union POP Phone

This phone is one of the best inventions to come onto the market recently.  This retro headset not only protects you from 99% of the radiation emitted while  talking on your cell phone, but your cell phone calls actually sound much better. Oh, and did I mention that in metallic gold it looks really cool?

2. Item: My Journal

In many ways I am still very much in love with traditions and methods of communications which have been replaced by technology. My journal, which I bought in Florence, Italy at a beautiful stationary shop, comes with me everywhere. I love to scribble my ideas, notes from a meeting or, in this case, plan my schedule for Miami Art Basel Week.

3. Item: Miami Art Week Passes

With Miami Art Basel Week, and all the events surrounding it, only a couple weeks away, my desk has been taken over with VIP passes to all of the fairs and special events. Many people, including myself, consider this the best week in Miami. Over the next few days I will organize all of these passes and invites to create my art week plan of attack.

4. Item: Desk Plant – Sago palm aka Cycas Revoluta

I keep this cycad on my desk because it reminds me of my parents, my father specifically. When we were very young I lived in the Redlands.  My dad had an exotic tropical nursery and was one of the first people to import cycads from around the world to South Florida. It was magical to grow up in a place where there were so many rare and exciting plants and fruits to discover.

5. Item: My Desk

I love finding beautiful antique furniture with a story and bringing into my home. This particular desk belonged to an older woman in Pinecrest; it was her childhood desk that she had brought with her from Colombia. Her family was being relocated to Dubai for her husband’s job and they were selling their home and the contents within. You could tell that she was torn about selling the desk, however I assured her that I would give it a good home. She gave me a hug and thanked me. I love my desk.