What’s On My Desk: HATCHBEAUTY Co-Founder Ben Bennett

Ever wonder what the most powerful leaders, business execs and celebrities keep on their desks? Well, we’re about to tell you. Our biweekly “What’s on My Desk” feature will take a look inside the offices and at the desks of the world’s most influential power players.

Ben Bennett is the Los Angeles-based co-founder and creative director of HATCHBEAUTY, the premier beauty branding and product development agency. Not only does he appear regularly on “America’s Next Top Model” but Bennett also exclusively worked with Salma Hayek to create her “Nuance” beauty line. Take a look at the items that Bennett keeps on his artistic, oh-so beautiful desk.

(clockwise from bottom right corner)

  1. Developing beauty brands, we work with a lot of small components and small packages, so staying organized is crucial or your space can quickly become chaotic. I used a lot of trays to keep samples tidy. This Williams Sonoma Home tray holds fragrance oil concepts that I’m reviewing for a new perfume for one of our celebrity clients.
  2. Everyday, my team lines up current projects on my desk for me to review and approve. We developed an amazing skincare product with Salma Hayek called the AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream for her brand NUANCE Salma Hayek. It is her number one selling item in the range. Now- we are developing new items to create a full regimen around the concept.
  3. We work with a wide range of clients in different channels of distribution. We worked with our client Serious Skincare to rebrand and repackage them to help the brand transition from being the top selling brand on HSN to moving to bricks and mortar retail. Our client GOLDFADEN MD is a high-end, dermatologist developed skincare range that is expanding its presence in prestige retail because our repositioning and design work.
  4. I love fragrance. It helps to create a warm environment, which is important to me because I spend an enormous amount of time in my office working. Right now, I’m burning Byredo’s Biblioteque candle on my desk. It’s inspired by a French library and smells leathery and subtly spicy.
  5. Botanicals have always inspired me, and they influence my work almost daily, so I like to keep fresh arrangements around our design studio. My florist is Eddie Zaratsian. I love his work and he knows my style. I want our arrangements to be beautiful but rustic, and never too fussy. He gets it right every time.
  6. I am particular when it comes to my tools. My pens and my scissors are from the Japanese brand Craft Design Technology and my pencils are from Field Notes. As a creative person you have to surround yourself with beautiful objects, especially if it’s something that you use regularly.
  7. I don’t trust a creative person who doesn’t use Apple products. My new Macbook Pro is a powerhouse that can easily manage graphic files and high-resolution imagery and video- and it’s so lightweight and thin. As with most people, my Iphone 5 is glued to my hand. I’ve never used a case on any of my phones. I couldn’t bear to cover up such a beautifully designed object, and without a case, it slips easily into my jacket pocket when I need to head into a meeting.
  8. (desk) Our building is a converted warehouse in Santa Monica. We wanted to keep its industrial vibe, so I wanted to fill it with furniture that felt stylish and rustic. This desk is from Restoration Hardware and is made of reclaimed wood.
  9. (back shelf) I think it’s important to be surrounded by inspiration. My team regularly changes the images throughout our design space to include iconic art pieces mixed with images that we have shot for our beauty campaigns.

10. (back shelf) I’ve always been a fan of sculpture and nature, so I like to collect objects that remind me that beautiful things don’t need to be manufactured, but simply come from the earth. In my office now I have a beautiful piece of metallic pyrite and a vintage piece of red coral.

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