Shepard Fairey Completes New Mural Honoring Tony Goldman

Shepard Fairey has been in town creating his latest oeuvre at the Wynwood Walls.  After three years the Obey Giant replaced his original outdoor artwork with a brand new one that also serves as an homage to the late Tony Goldman, former CEO of Goldman Properties and a visionary developer instrumental in developing Wynwood and creating the famous walls.

“The [piece] addresses the idea that we all take these journeys but it also creates a lot of wear and tear on the earth. So there is sort of a yin and yang to these things. Tony’s journey impacted so many people [for the better] that I thought I should incorporate some of those elements in there.” said Fairey to Haute Living. “There’s an elephant with the globe there that I hope will encourage people to be good stewards of the earth.”

The mural took about five days to complete and features at its center an image based on a photograph of Tony Goldman taken by Miami photographer Serg Alexander.  In addition to developing Wynwood, Goldman was a pioneering visionary who developed Soho in the 1970’s and later South Beach in the 80’s.

photo by Serg Alexander