Kim Kardashian Wraps Lavish Birthday Celebrations with Kanye West at LIV Nightclub

Kim Kardashian’s birthday is the holiday that just won’t quit. After Kayne West whisked her off on a special birthday trip to Italy on October 19th (Kim’s actual birthday is October 21st), the celebration continued in Miami. The lucky Libra’s grand finale was on Halloween when she and her man showed up to the Fontainebleau in a shiny gold Lamborghini and ended at LIV with an enormous cake by Divine Delicacies, Miami’s cake baker to the stars. The Wonder Woman themed cake was in keeping Kim’s Catwoman and Kayne’s Batman superhero costumes, and was ordered on a rush just 48 hours before the big night. It was in Kim’s favorite flavor, vanilla rum, baked extra moist for the buxom vixen. It is reported that the all tolled, Kanye spent over $1 million dollars on Kim’s birthday celebrations, although we’re pretty sure the LIV appearance was a net gain for Kardashian, as her appearance fees reach upwards $50,000.

Photo by World Red Eye