Vesper Is Back With New Chef And Menu

It’s Vesper, then it’s The Dinging Room, and then it’s Vesper again. You can hardly keep up with that beautifully retro, wood paneled space tucked deep into Menin Hotel’s shiny new Shelborne. Thank goodness you’ve got us to keep it straight for you. So let’s be clear – it’s Vesper again in name only, and really, that’s a cool name so why not keep it? The eatery is less formal now, has a new executive Chef on board (Javier Carballo) and an entirely new menu that is arguably better than the original Vesper with prices geared towards everyday dining. Standouts on the American-with-a-twist menu include Cabernet Gorgonzola Sliders with a trio of assorted French fry shots as well as an Asian Ahi Tuna Burger with slaw and wasabi aioli. All that we ask is that you save room for the Warm Homemade Doughnuts and at least taste the Fried Zeppoli with Oreos. Yes, Oreos.