Jimmy Kimmel Plays Host Again…at the 2012 Media Access Awards

After his stint hosting the 2012 Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was back to his hosting duties this week.

The late night chatter acted as host of the Media Access Awards during a brunch at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday morning.

Kimmel kept the mood light and festive in the Wilshire Room, joking that he was impressed to “get a standing ovation from this particular crowd” (the Media Access Awards is a ceremony that sheds light on people with various disabilities ).

PC he was not, but the crowd seemed to enjoy his jokes, even when he joked that the translator standing next to him wasn’t wearing any underwear.

After Jimmy’s jokes, Sarah Drew presented the Producer’s Guild Award to her boss, “Grey’s Anatomy” producer Shonda Rhimes. Scott Porter, who played a paraplegic on the acclaimed series “Friday Night Lights,” introduced the inspirational paralyzed reality stars “The Push Girls,” before Jane Lynch presented her “Glee” co-star Lauren Potter with her award from SAG-AFTRA.  As Jane looked on proudly, Potter took the microphone and teared up when accepting the honor and explaining how much it meant that Hollywood was changing and adding many more disabled people into their projects.

Later during the event, Drew caught up with old friend Hunter Parrish of “Weeds,” who brought onscreen wife Shoshannah Stern as his date. “Dancing with the Stars” hoofer Kym Johnson was also in attendance, and stayed for over an hour to take photos with the many disabled children in attendance.