Top 5 Places to have Pizza in New York

575 Henry St., Brooklyn,
NY 11231, 718-858-4086

Located in Carroll Gardens, Lucali began as a mission by a man on a mission to save his favorite childhood hang out. What was once a candy shop has been transformed into a-national recognized eatery. In 2009, GQ ranked the pizza place second in the nation. The menu consists of mouth-watering thin crust pizzas and calzones and the family atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy some of New York’s best pizza.

 Artichoke is usually the first stop of the fashionable and hungry as they leave the nightlife scene.

328 E. 14th St., New York, NY
10003, 212-228-2004

With the highest-quality ingredients, Artichoke is the definition of a real New Yorkstyle pizza joint. Famous for its namesake Artichoke pizza, this rich and creamy slice is made with large chunks of artichoke, spinach and layers upon layers of cheese. If you’re craving a late night slice, be prepared to wait; Artichoke is usually the first stop of the fashionable and hungry as they leave the nightlife scene.

7 Carmine St., New York, NY
10014, 212-366-1182

This Greenwich Village pizza place has been owned and operated by its namesake since its opening in 1975. Since then, it has remained one of the most sought-after slices in the city, favored by A-listers like Kelly Ripa, Kevin Bacon and Ben Affleck. Joe’s is a first stop when the late night snack urge hits; you can always find a line forming down the block of the after-club crowd.

656 Sixth Ave., New York, NY
10001, 646-484-5665

Once upon a time, this pie was only available by waiting in line under the Brooklyn Bridge for at least an hour. Luckily, Grimaldi’s has expanded its locales. Pizza is only available by the pie because the owners refuse to compromise quality for convenience. Each pie is made in a coal-fired brick oven, giving it a genuine smoky flavor. Loved throughout New York history, Grimaldi’s has been favored by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Frank Sinatra.

2725 86th St., Brooklyn, NY
11223, 718-449-1230

Known for its famous Sicilian slice and, of course, Spumoni ice cream, L & B Spumoni Gardens is another obligatory New York slice to sample. Still in the hands of the original family, the Barbartis— whose relatives began selling Spumoni and Ices from the back of a horse-drawn carriage—this pizza restaurant remains a New York staple. The only problem you will have is whether to order the famous pizza pie, Spumoni ice cream, Italian Ices or the fried calamari cocktail shown on Man vs. Food. In true haute style, we recommend indulging.