Rechannel: B/Attitude Spa’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Stepping inside the B/Attitude Spa’s decadent oriental interior is like traveling to the Far East. Dim lighting, antique decor and the fervent smell of eastern scents entice and intrigue. I’m provided with a refreshing shot of avocado smoothie and a lovely scented buttercup hand towel and then led away to my treatment room.

Friendly and soft-spoken staff immediately guide me through numerous small corridors decked out with an abundance of Oriental paraphernalia before I reach my destination. The ambiance is quiet, serene and otherworldly. B/Attitude’s mission is evident: to relax and rejuvenate the mind before the body. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage I’m about to try sounds so scientific and medical but my therapist convinces me otherwise. Our lymphatic system, part of the circulatory system, aids the immune system in removing toxins from the body – the treatment should thus be extremely beneficial, if not necessary for wellbeing of the body.

The therapist proceeds to gently wash my feet. Shen rings a bell meant to purify negative negative energy and return harmony and balance. The massage was quite different from the hard deep tissue massages I’m used to; the pressure was soft and rhythmic, almost ticklish at times. Long and strokes were combined with very soft kneading aimed at targeting the cleansing of the lymphatic system. While I didn’t feel that my muscles were eased and realize that this wasn’t the point of the treatment, I did feel calm and strangely soothed. Even though it was a new experience, the health benefits are so many that the massage is certainly worth a try.

B/Attitude Spa, Grosvenor House, Tower Two, Dubai Marina +971 43998888.