Valery Joseph

Valery Joseph been in New York for more than 16 years. In 2002, he started up one of the most exclusive Salons on Madison Avenue, one of the most exclusive Avenues in New York, and has since been servicing New York’s elite. Getting his start in Israel, this hairstylist of Russian descent has since been in America making extreme headway, not only to those in the media, but also to those outside of the media. Now having four very successful salon locations, three on the Upper East Side, and one in the Hamptons, Valery has since decided to expand his business, offering a greater variety of hair care products as well as makeup products to delight any Valery Joseph fan. To all who attend a Valery Joseph Salon, they can tell you that his service is at a high level of hospitality, care, and ultimately, beautifying style as he extends his name from New York to the international viewers that are just waiting for his gratifying services.