Staying Chic in the Heat: Style Guru Rosemin Manji Gives Her Advice

As the unforgiving heat of the Middle Eastern summer sun starts to dictate our style choices, we turn to Rosemin Manji, recognized as one of UAE’s leading stylists and fashion icons, for advice on how to stay looking fabulously chic in the heat!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

My background is in luxury goods and fashion, having worked with industry leaders such as Tom Ford and brands like Gucci. I am now the CEO of RR&Co. Bespoke Luxury Management, which specializes in consultancy for luxury brands. I also host a weekly fashion segment called Fashion Thursdays on Studio One, a lifestyle show on Dubai One TV, and Contributing Fashion Editor at Signature Magazine Middle East.

How long have you been living in Dubai and why do you love it?

I have lived here for over 5 years. My husband’s family is partly based here which is one of the reasons why we moved from London.  I can’t complain about the weather. I love the sunshine all year long and waking up to the view of water… I think it’s the pisces in me!

How do fashion trends in Dubai compare with other regions?

Well you can start by putting away the furs! There is no winter here, so keep the boots and heavy jackets away.  Dubai is more “bling” for sure.  What you would wear to a cocktail party in Europe or America, we would wear to dinner party. I love fashion and the people in the region love it too.

What are your tops summer tips for looking fabulous and staying cool in the sweltering summer heat?

SPF!! Even if you are not sitting outside, please make sure that your moisturizer or foundation has a reasonable SPF factor. The sun is harsh here and you want to protect your skin all year round – even hours sitting in the traffic can do damage. Buy a good body scrub to try and eliminate as much dead skin as possible to get a nice even tan. Also everywhere has air conditioning so you can still go to your favorite cafes and enjoy the view without burning in the heat. Just make sure you have a cardigan or pashmina, as the air con in restaurants and mall are set to very low temperatures so your body will be exposed to 50c one minute and then you come into a restaurant at 17c the next!   Of course, another downfall with the heat is bad hair days. I never leave without Aveda’s humidity serum which controls my hair as much as possible.

What are your favorite styles, brands, suggestions for summer in Dubai.

I personally stay away from jeans or anything too tight especially in 50c weather. I wear a lot of dresses in the summer. My favorites this season have been Roksanda IIlinic, Roland Mouret and bold prints by Mary Katranzou. My staples are anything from Phillip Lim (I just love his collections each season), some dresses and kaftans from Missoni, Theory for basic colors and layering and for high street bargains, Zara. Loose light clothing works well under abayas too and we all need a fabulous pair of sunglasses to complete the look!

What fashion events are you looking forward to in the region?

In the Fall there are lots of exciting events happening from Victoria Secrets show, Tory Burch’s first visit to the region and Dubai Film Festival in December. After we get through the hot summer months, the Dubai social season kick starts with tons of exciting events.