Nourishing Sanctuary: Vanilla by Jelena

Situated within the serene location of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, Vanilla by Jelena is a place for momentary escape. The spa’s inviting and cozy ambiance is suitable for a quick beauty fix – a rejuvenating stopover during your lunch break or after work hours.

Upon entry into Vanilla by Jelena guests are greeted by a charming interior decked out in wood finishings and colored in creamy vanilla accents. The first room serves largely as the branch’s hair salon; first-timers might think they’ve entered into the wrong location if it weren’t for the friendly staff which guide you to your treatment room. Quaint, small rooms comprise of this beauty lounge concept founded by ex-supermodel and former Miss Yugoslavia Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai. All about glamor, Vanilla by Jelena offers a comprehensive range of hairdressing services, manicures, organic facials, body treatments, anit-cellulite and slimming programs, massages, traditional hammam and solarium, among other possibilities.

In line with the brand’s name, the concept uses vanilla extract and vanilla-based products for the majority of its treatments. While we often associate vanilla with delicious cakes and ice cream, vanilla is also known for its amazing health benefits. Smelling vanilla essential oil often calms the mind and reduces stress. It likewise has sedative-like properties which can be used to promote sleep. In addition, vanilla contains powerful antioxidants which promote the renewal of damaged skin cells due to toxins and pollution.

My therapist escorted me to a quiet room in back of the spa for a signature Vanilla by Jelena massage. Well-informed, friendly and professional, my therapist was attentive and thorough. I noticed how each treatment room contained a small bookshelf of seemingly carefully selected novels. An unusual and charming touch to add to a beauty lounge where guests are often just presented with women’s magazines. After my massage I was led to a small relaxation room where the soothing aroma of vanilla burned from nearby candles and a presentation of design and beauty magazines was presented for guests to peruse. A refreshing glass of water, tea and cookies was soon delightfully served.

Although quite small in size for the amount of beauty treatments offered, Vanilla by Jelena nevertheless offers solutions to just about any beauty regimen imaginable and in a friendly ambiance with organic products.

The Palm Jumeirah, Al Das Building, No. 10, Ground Floor, +971 44376010