Kelli Zink

Kelli Zink grew up with a microphone in her hand, always knowing she wanted to be a reporter. From knocking on the door of a Fox Sports production truck after a basketball game in her cheerleader uniform to winning an ESPN reality show, she did whatever it took to get her foot in the television door. By the age of 22 she had been a sports anchor in two markets and decided it was time to move west. She drove her 1996 Ford to LA to help launch the NFL Network- even creating the network’s original slogan; “Where Football Season Never Ends.” Needing a change, she moved back to the Midwest. Zink is currently the host of, and a regular contributor to the top entertainment news shows in the country, including CNN Headline News’ Nancy Grace, CNN’s ShowBiz Tonight, MSNBC and Fox News. She is a weekly guest on “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” where she talks about hot topics spanning from politics to pop culture.