Detox and Cleansing Facial at Balance Wellness 360

With the hot and humid Gulf summer now in full swing, it’s more important than ever to take care of your skin. When the weather gets hotter, we revert to ultra cool AC units in order to retreat from the heat. Unfortunately, this extreme juxtaposition of hot and cold can easily suck the moisture from your skin. Now is the time of year that everyone, regardless of your skin type, can use a good facial. Balance Wellness 360, a holistic concept aimed to provide all-around wellness for your mind, body and soul, offers a detox and cleansing facial geared to revived tired and worn-out skin.

As soon as one enters Balance Wellness 360 from the bustling surroundings of the Oasis Center and Sheikh Zayed Road, they are immediately encompassed by a calm and serene ambiance. The relaxing music and cozy dark wood furnishings which decorate the center evoke a faraway home in India or South America whisking guests away from the stress of nearby city life. This sanctuary is dedicated to a complete state of wellness; it doesn’t just focus on the body or the mind but desires to balance the synergy between the two realms. One feels this immediately through the friendly and professional staff, the inviting surroundings and the center’s clear dedication to holistic and Ayurvedic healing.

I am here to try the Detox and Cleansing Facial, a treatment made to eliminate toxins and dead cells from the face in order to improve blood circulation and bring back radiance. The 60-minute treatment begins with a gentle scrub made of red and white sandalwood powder and Multani Mitti mixed with jasmine water to remove toxins, black head and damaged cells. This is followed by the application of a pack made of Kasturi Turmeric, a renowned herb whose aromatic qualities are known to treat various skin ailments such as acne and hyper pigmentation as well as fight free radicals. The herb is then mixed with milk during a gentle massage which, I was told, helps to improve blood circulation and bring back one’s natural glow. Then a sticky yet surprisingly smooth consistency made of seasonal fresh fruits, herbs and honey is applied and left for 10 minutes. While the mixture dries the therapist gives one the choice of a relaxing head or foot massage. After the mask is removed the face is moisturized and the treatment is ends. The verdict – very clear and silky skin. One immediately feels rejuvenated and balanced. What’s more is that the results last for days – the silky and revitalized texture doesn’t just go away – it provides a clear and equilibrated based with which to start anew. This is ayurveda at its best.

Balance Wellness 360, Oasis Center, +971 443847010.