Annie Diamantidis

Annie Diamantidis is a luxury handbag designer. Inspired by the history and mythology of Greece each Annie Handbag® pays homage to Greek Goddesses- Athena, Clio, Selene, and Eris. Annie Handbags® are for today’s goddesses. Upon launching her namesake collection in 2009, editors and stylists alike were captivated by the unique combination of exotic crocodile, python, ostrich, and calfskin with genuine 14k gold jewelry accents.Michigan Avenue Magazine labeled her a “Chicago Made, Power Designer,” while Fashion TV declared her line a “Trend to Remember.” The Handbag Report has profiled her as a “Haute Designer” and her ostrich Clio clutch has been feautured as the “Handbag of the Day” by Luxist. Annie Diamatidis regularly partners with charities like Heroes and Handbags and Save-A-Mother project in support of women and children.. Annie Handbags are carried exclusively in high end boutiques nationwide in some of the hottest markets like Chicago, Beverly Hills, Miami, and New York.