Anicia Bragg

After landing a position as a spokesmodel for Eastman Kodak in her early 20s, Anicia Bragg moved to New York City to expand her knowledge of the arts, television, film and design, eventually also working with Barbizon Modeling School and teaching thousands of high school students how to “dress for success.” Her eye for fashion, style and decor, and aptitude for making stylish clothing designs eventually led to a career as an image consultant and now she collaborates with some of the most talented designers and professionals in the industry. Also, as the founder of a special events/production company and designs, Bragg has coordinated celebrity galas, VIP parties, weddings and award ceremonies. And she has also served as vice president of a high-profile real estate development company. Bragg’s design and styling firm is ABRAGG Design in Phoenix, and she is also the editor for “Indulge with AniciaB,” a design philosophy blog.