Pasquale Bruni introduces new ‘Bon Ton’ Collection of Floral Jewels in Dubai

Renowned Italian jeweler has recently launched his ‘Bon Ton’ collection,  jewels which pay homage to the fifties, a period renowned for beautiful fashion and memorable style. The latest range within the collection is now available at selected Damas outlets across Dubai.

The pendants, rings and earrings are rendered in flowers whose corollas (petals of the flower) constitute topazes of a blue hue as well as a white and brown pave diamond centre pistil upheld by a rose gold stem.  This blossom is surrounded by precious, little, glistening diamond leaves. The cut of the stones with a myriad of facets is noteworthy as it was created by Pasquale Bruni to the purpose of allowing the light to show up the blue of the topazes to exquisite effect.

“The flowers of the collection encompass attributes that are found in nature, which is why these precious ornaments reflect a style that is refined and simple, delicate but decisive.  Bon Ton, which is inspired by the French term for ‘sophisticated manner or style’, is inspired by the elite realm of high fashion and is rich in visual charm,” said Damas Retailer Director Raj Sahai.

Pasquale Bruni’s new ‘Bon Ton’ collection is now available at selected Damas Les Exclusives outlets across Dubai, including Burj Al Arab, Mina Al Salam, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and the Jumeira Beach Hotel.  For more information, please call +971 44270336.