The World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses by Chopard Arrive in Dubai

Taking first place this year for the world’s most expensive sunglasses is none other than Swiss luxury brand Chopard.  Produced for Chopard by De Rigo Vision, The label wins the tag by creating a pair of sunglasses embellished with a total of 51 full-cut River diamonds equal to 4 carats and trimmed in the temples with 60 grams of 24 carat gold. Oh my! What’s more is that they will be unveiled next week for the first time at Dubai’s Paris Gallery.

While there is no news on the exact price of this stunning piece of eye wear, the price tag is assured to be hefty. Rumor has it that it should carry a price tag grander than Bvlgari’s $44,000!

Paris Gallery, Dubai Mall +971 43308289