Heels & Deals: Midtown Madness

I love fashion and I love real estate. I think it is crucial to love whatever you do in life, and since I cannot decide which I like more, fashion or real estate, I thought, why not incorporate both into my daily life? As a native New Yorker, I like to think that I know NY real estate quite well. When combined with a strong background in fashion, having worked for Rugby Ralph Lauren and Annabelle New York, well, there you go. “Heels & Deals” as I like to call this syndrome.

My days consist of meeting clients from all over the world, sometimes actually meeting them all over the world. Yes, I’ve hopped a plane to get a contract signed. I show beautiful properties and often times end up advising clients on where to shop, where to see great fashion, and where they can wear their new purchases. For example, during a showing the other day, in between discussing structural walls and closets, the client interjected with, “Tierney, what’s a fun restaurant? And who makes your shoes?” I told her to check out The Lion or Bilboquet, classic favorites of mine. The shoes were Chloe, and if purchased, she and I can have matching black and blue toes, ouch.

Spotlight on Midtown Madness: with new developments blooming overnight, and hotel makeovers, springtime in New York is sure to be more exciting than ever. Le Parker Meridien Hotel just got a facelift of sorts by adding the famed, Drybar, Blue Dog Café and Moonshine Spa. Start your day off at with a yoga class at Le Parker M. (if you do, make sure it is on the roof, yesterday we noticed an impressive group of model-looking bankers mirroring our every up dog, down dog, warrior 1 etc… from the building across, quite a NY moment).

Follow your workout with their spinach, kale, banana shake (sounds like a punishment, I know, but it’s good).  It will give you the energy to check out some of the neighborhood highlights, one of which is, Extell’s new ONE 57 development and The Park Hyatt Hotel. These pre-construction condos are already selling like hot cakes.

I have also noticed that the famed Russian Tea Room has competition with the opening of Brasserie Pushkin, the glitzy new Russian restaurant, much closer than Moscow. I walked in to do some field research the other day, and like rapid fire, the hostess greeted me in what sounded like Russian, acting like we were old comrades. I assumed she was asking me if I wanted a table, so like a good patron I nodded and whispered “da.” I made sure to wear a pattern and keep my sunglasses on in the restaurant, as that seemed to be the Pushkin trend. Fifty Seventh Street is changing and the prices are soaring, midtown madness indeed.

Check out two of my new listings, located in midtown:



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