Spring Skin with 3LAB

Just in time for the height of Dubai’s social calendar, including a host of outdoor racing and polo events, 3LAB has devised a range of light skin solutions designed to be worn under make-up in order to protect your skin from Dubai’s harsh summer climate.

The range comprises PERFECT Sunscreen SPF 55 as well as 3LAB’s PERFECT Lite Sunscreen with SPF 30. PERFECT Sunscreen SPF 55 blocks 99 per cent of UVB and UVA rays while seeking to reduce redness and combat signs of premature ageing. For a light touch, 3LAB’s PERFECT Lite Sunscreen with SPF 30 is an oil free water resistant lotion easily absorbed for a streak-free, smooth application. Both products are formulated to withstand ardent weather and signs of overexposure are greatly reduced.

In addition to safeguarding skin, 3LAB’s skin range includes the uniquely formulated PERFECT Cleansing Scrub designed to unclog pores blocked by sun cream, city smog and perspiration. Consisting of tiny Jojoba beads that gently lift impurities buried deep beneath the skin’s surface, PERFECT Cleansing Scrub is gentle enough for everyday use even on sensitive skin. Teamed with the soothing Hydra Day with SPF 20, it forms part of the ideal summer skin beauty regime. The ultra-light, water based moisturizer is entirely oil free, leading to greater absorption with minimum residue. Its SPF factor makes it a daily essential come rain or shine, with its lightweight formula ensuring that it can be worn under make-up.

You can purchase 3LAB products at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai +971 435 0533 and Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai+971 440 9888.