Luxury Travel Revolutionized By The Launch Of Portico

For luxury travel, Portico by Exclusive Resorts is a new private club that provides exclusive access to a growing network of incredible luxury vacation homes in the world’s best destinations.

Launched by Steve Case and former Euro Disney and Club Med Chairman and CEO Philippe Bourguignon, Portico was designed for affluent travelers seeking the advantages of luxury homes for their vacations, with branded excellence superior to the uncertainly of villa rentals and other risky alternatives.

“Hotels offer brand recognition and amenities, but they are not good for large groups and trying to find a vacation home online or through a broker can unpredictable,” says Bourguignon. “We created a new way to travel in luxury by taking best of both options: the consistency and service level of a hotel with the comfort, space and freedom of a home.”

Under the Portico network, members have access to 150 luxury homes in 50 of the world’s top destinations including Bora Bora, Los Cabos, Bermuda, Nantucket, Snowmass, Telluride, Chamonix, Palm Springs, Newport, Sonoma, Greece, and Provence. Ideal for large groups and families, members can feel assured that all properties under the brand are of the highest of quality.

Luxury travelers today want a more personal and authentic vacation, and as a club, Portico meets this need as it has an ongoing relationship with its members, allowing it to learn about their interests, and craft more interesting and enjoyable vacations.

Taking out the guesswork, Portico also offers personalized pre-trip planning and expert concierge services to fully assist members in creating the best experience possible and giving travelers absolute peace of mind.

“We didn’t grow the hotel business, we didn’t grow the home rental business. We created an entirely new product that there was great demand for,”  says Bourguignon.

Launched in February, Portico already has close to 1,000 members and is rapidly growing. The company expects to expand to 300 homes in 100 destinations by the year’s end.

Membership is available now with immediate booking privileges and travel beginning May 1st. There is a onetime $10,000 initiation fee and $2,500 annual fee which gives membersexclusive access to all homes in the Portico portfolio up to 50% off market rates. Members have the flexibility to travels as much or as little as they choose including peak holiday weeks and only pay for the nights they use.

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