La Maison Goose Launches its First Edition at Dubai’s One and Only Royal Mirage

On 10 February, Grey Goose, the world’s best tasting Vodka, launched the first edition of La Maison Goose in Dubai at Al Koufa at the Arabian Court in the One and Only Royal Mirage.  The space and concept of the location were transformed by Jean Moraros of Les Folies with his signature design found in the set up which mirrored that of a modern French home.
Ayman Fakoussa and Guy Manoukian
The party changed moods throughout the evening following the tricolor of the French flag;  the blue, white, and red were each accompanied by their own unique experience. Guests were welcomed into the blue ambiance by Le Butler and treated to Grey Goose’s signature drink Le Fizz while enjoying relaxing lounge music. Just as guests started feeling at ease, musician Guy Manoukian transformed the atmosphere into a cool white atmosphere with a dazzling piano performance then joined by vocalist Mirille Harboian who serenaded the audience with popular French songs. A troupe of ballerinas brought in the red ambiance with a choreographed dance performed on one of the oversized tables to the tunes of Runaway by Kanye West. Guaranteed through till the end of the night, DJ Frederic Stone played French lounge and progressive beats until the late hours. Guests left La Maison Goose with a specially designed coaster by Roula Ghalayini from Poupee Couture – a small emblem to remember the magic of the night.
Carine Abboud and Jessy Lahoud.

La Maison Goose events are designed to be the most exclusive parties in town, bringing together the most influential leaders of business and society in surprising new locations for each edition. Guests are entertained in extravagant and innovative themed parties while associating with the essence of Grey Goose Vodka. A lavish and creative endeavour, this first edition of La Maison Goose has set the stage for continual enjoyment and riveting entertainment.

Yassi Kherad, Payam Davarkia and Elham Noosh.