2nd Edition Peugeot RCZ Cup Leads to International Competition in Paris

On 25 February, Peugeot organized the 2nd edition of the Peugeot RCZ cup international golf competition in at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club in Dubai. Three competitions, open to all golf amateurs, were organized by Swaidan Trading and Peugeot’s dealers in the UAE Omeir Bin Youssef. The first competition is followed by two additional ones in April. The Championship will conclude with six winners, who will play against each other for the international Grand Finale in Paris.

Since its early days Peugeot has had a strong relationship with golf with the first company golf course created by Jean-Pierre Peugeot in 1929. The brand has been partner of the Peugeot Open de France for 14 years, official partner of the Trophée Lancôme until 2003, the Spanish Tour, the ANZ Golf Master in Australia since 2004 and also organized the Peugeot International Pro Am in Paris. For over 20 years, the brand has targeted amateur players all over the world with the Peugeot Challenge Cup, which is played in over 20 countries. With this wealth of experience, Peugeot’s latest innovation comes as the new Peugeot RCZ Cup concept.

The RCZ Sports Coupé embodies more than just a concept car – it marks a new stage in the line-up of Peugeot’s “leisure vehicles” while also being the first model to benefit from the latest Peugeot Lion brand identity. Its expressive and innovative style, distinctive interior, dynamic and environmentally-friendly engines and the driving enjoyment it produces, project the Peugeot brand backed by 200 years of history.