SpaDunya’s Colour Therapy Massage for Well being

One of the most original spa concepts in Dubai is SpaDunya. Offering all of the traditional spa treatments within a calm space comprised of minimalistic and modern design elements, the spa goes beyond just physical maintenance to focus on mental well being through color therapy. Clients choose their color preferences corresponding to what they are feeling at the moment and learn how each one has a different energy and significance; what you pick is believed to be what your mind and body needs at the moment.


The colors are applied in the form of aromatherapy oils from Altearah Bio, a certified organic spa range produced by SpaDunya for several years now in a 200-year-old farmhouse in the heart of rural organic farmlands in the Gard district of France. Altearah Bio comprises of 14 ready-to-use essential oil compositions corresponding to 14 colors which were chosen based on their emotional and restorative effects.

The signature massage begins in a private room where a color therapist determines each individual’s current state of  well being by having them select the colors which attract them most during that moment. Surrounded by white walls in an intimate setting which splashes of color on various cosmetic bottles here and there I concentrated on which colors spoke to me the most. The therapist told me not to look at the colors and subsequently turned her color cards over so I could choose at random – wherever I was lead. The result was gold, indigo, emerald and orange. I was explained that gold corresponded to confidence, radiance and a healthy and optimistic glow; indigo to clarity, relaxation, sleep and peace; emerald translated into oxygen and regaining one’s breath and orange represented creativity and sensuality.  

The massage then utilized these four essential oils to relieve stressed muscles, sooth the body and especially the mind and spirit. The therapist personalizes the massage by seeing if there are any “blockages” in your system through firm pressing, nodding and kneading. If the movements don’t flow, then that means she must concentrate on a specific area in order to relieve blocks and restore your mind and body to harmony.

Knowledgeable and friendly, SpaDunya therapists explain the entire process to you in surprisingly great detail. The spa includes a private garden as well as fitness studio offering dance, yoga, pilates and meditation classes. The peaceful surroundings and aromatic scents makes SpaDunya a place of serenity which prompts you to return over and over again.

SpaDunya Club, Jumeirah Beach Walk, Shams 1, +971 44393669.