Colossal Drinking Binge at the Fairmont Dubai results in $105,000

Dubai’s always had a reputation for big spenders, but a recent drink bill in the amount of $105,000 at a bar in the Fairmont Hotel seems to have broken quite a few records.

The mysterious bill of such a colossal amount also included a single slice of cake worth only $32 while the rest of the bill included drinks such as Cristal Champagne, Cavalli Vodka and Chivas. Further investigation found that the buyer ordered a 6-liter bottle of Cristal Champagne for $34,030, a 3-liter Cavalli Vodka for $1,348, 4 bottles of Chivas Regal 12-year old Whiskey for $1,187 and 13 bottles of Roederer Cristals Champagne for $22,933. The recession surely hasn’t affected some.