The Value of Gift-Giving: A Q & A with Tiffany & Co.’s Ghada El-Kari

The Holiday season is about giving back in a meaningful way. Selecting the right gift for someone special is never easy; we always want to make sure our selection carries particular and intimate traits which will emotionally touch that person. Tiffany & Co.’s PR and Marketing Director of Emerging Markets Ghada El-Kari hand-picked this year’s Holiday season collection. She speaks about the emotional values of gift-giving and the symbolism of Tiffany & Co. jewelry during this time of year.

What are the emotional values of gift-giving during the festive season?

At Tiffany & Co we are all about celebrating life’s most important moments, where every gift is wrapped in the Tiffany Blue Box; the universal symbol of great expectations.  It is without a doubt the destination for gifting, a legendary place where dreams come true.

How does Tiffany & Co. transmit the holiday spirit through its jewelry during this time of year?

There is nothing like pulling the white ribbon off a Tiffany Blue Box especially during the festive seasons. Tiffany & Co. designs holiday gifts that are treasured for generations and generations. And these gifts of legendary style transmit the holiday season’s spirit through the Tiffany experience, an experience wrapped in a feeling of celebration, nostalgia and romance.

What are some of the most popular gift-giving items this year?

During the season of gift-giving, Tiffany & Co. offers something for everyone. Exquisite diamonds and colorful gemstones, gold and sterling silver jewelry and elegant accessories that gleam with legendary style.

Timeless Tiffany gifts are instantly recognized and deeply valued; a Tiffany Soleste diamond ring which defines charisma, Jean Schlumberger’s Conique necklace and bracelet, Tiffany Locks and bangles of different widths and metals,  holiday magic crafted into Tiffany’s sterling silver charms to name but a few.