Oriental Dream: Grosvenor House’s B/Attitude Spa

Nestled within the Grosvenor House’s iconic Tower Two is B/Attitude Spa, a pristine escape into ancient Eastern methods for rest and rejuventation.  At first entry, one has the impression that they’ve stepped into another time and place. Dim lighting coupled with antique Eastern décor and the subtle smells of oriental scents which fill the air transport guests outside of Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle into an aura of calm.

The concept of B/Attitude is to relax the mind before the body. Upon entry, guests are provided with a buttercup scented towel and a calming elixir of avocado before being guided down a maze of hardwood floor cooridors laden with beautiful oriental awnings, carpets and intricate wood fixtures which reveal numerous facilities including separate his and her changing rooms, 12 treatment rooms, two hamman treatment rooms, aqua suites including a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and also an ice foundation and relaxation area. 

The impressive tour ended and the chosen treatment, an aruveydic dosha facial, began. The facial concentrates on ayurveda techniques, one of the oldest forms of healing and healthcare known to man originating in India over 5000 years ago. Derived from the Sanskrit words ayur meaning “life” and veda meaning knowledge or science, ayurveda treats all aspects of one’s life from food to climate and astrology to exercise in order to heal the body, mind and spirit as one entity.

A facial which is meant to literally “feed the skin”, the aruveydic dosha facial deep cleanses, revitalizes and lifts the skin for a brighter complexion and a relaxed mind through the use of natural plant extracts and herbs. The treatment focuses on the client’s doshas – in ayurveda, the three dosha energies of vatta, pitta, and kapha correspond to the functional intelligences within the mind body complex. Warmed dosha oils are therefore suited to the client’s dosha profile as is a specialist marma point massage incorporating areas of the face, neck and scalp.

Treatment begins as the therapist graciously cleanses, exfoliates and massages the feet. Next, the client is led to the bed and preparation for the facial proceeds. First, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated using extracts of chamomilla recutita and aloe barbadensis leaf. A facial mask is applied incorporating vegetable oil, marshmallow and deionized water after which a toner comprising of deionized water, aloe vera and hibiscus is placed on the skin followed by a moisturizer of extracts of aloe barbadensis, pollen and panax ginseng and finally, a gentle eye cream of rosemary, white grape, soybean, orange and lemon fruit is gently applied under each eye. One leaves with soft, radiant and thoroughly cleansed skin as well as a calm mind – an experience which is as enriching physically as it is mentally and spiritually.

B/Attitude Spa, Grosvenor House, Tower Two, Dubai Marina +971 43998888