Giving Back Tour with Ne-Yo’s Compound Foundation

Hey Haute readers!

For my next blog post, I wanted to share some pictures from an event that I recently co-hosted with Ne-Yo and the Compound Foundation that he founded back in 2007. I began participating in his foundation last year with my sister Vanessa, and I knew that I wanted to continue being involved with this cause in the future.

Last year, Vanessa and I traveled around the country with Ne-Yo and experienced the entire tour with him. In each city we visited, we would meet underprivileged children and fans, and deliver and sign gifts for them. This year, I was only able to visit two cities with Ne-Yo, Chicago and Las Vegas, but I was able to donate current season sneakers from my Pastry collection. My fans were so excited, and I was too!

My sister Vanessa and I partnered with Mattel on our very own Barbie doll collection, so when I knew I would be participating in Ne-Yo’s tour, I instantly thought about reaching out to them for a sponsorship. They gifted our young fans with some amazing toys, and I was so proud and happy to have been able to facilitate that.

I believe in giving back, and any chance that I can do that, I will.



Here is a link to a video from last year year’s giving tour: