Roberto Coin’s 24-carat Gold Table Now Available in Dubai

Roberto Coin has entered into the world of interior design with the creation of an astonishing 24-carat Golden Table. Made out of stanless steel and wood and coated with a thick layer of 24-carat gold, Coin’s special table is now available in a few limited edition pieces at Wafi Mall.

In line with Coin eponymous brand, the table top resembles a giant coin held up by four curved planks which are held together at the centrer in the recreation of the form of a tulip flower. Simple yet elegant in design, Coin’s Gold Table is fit for royalty and even features the hidden ruby inlay that is the signature of all Coin products.

Robert Coin jewellery was found in 1977 in the town of Vicenza, known as the “city of gold.” Initially, the company designed and produced fine jewellery for high-end international brands. In 1996, however, the Roberto Coin brand was launched and achieved quick recognition and success in the jewellery industry. All Coin jewellery come with a distinctive identity for the subtle aesthetic use of small ruby found discreetly on the inside of the jewellery piece allowing direct contact with the skin of the wearer. The ruby takes this position for a reason: according to an ancient Egyptian belief, wearing a ruby close to the skin promotes a long and healthy life – thus a personal message Coin embedds secretly into each of his jewellery creations.