Monika Jakisic’s Haute Interview Aliona Volskaya Of Poesis Couture

Moinka recently caught up with designer Aliona Volskaya of Poesis Couture and got the inside scoop to her inspiration, how her first fashion went and where she sees her and her designs going.

  • What  fabulous garments and what a fabulous looking woman you are! How did you start? What was your inspiration?

Ten years ago when I was working as a model I always adored the fashion. I liked to discover the new designers and to make the analysis of what they did. And one day this passion had transformed into something more serious and I decided to try myself in creating my own collection, which should have been very exclusive. That’s why I decided to match laces, furs, silks and embroideries to make beautiful coats and dresses which can be warn for the special events. I also made a decision to create them one-of-a-kind as the art pieces, so that a woman can be sure she will never meet anybody in the same one, she will be always unique in that.

The first piece I made was a python jacket with lynx. I started to wear it by myself and one day walking on Champs Elysses I met a person who suggested to buy it immediately. After I found out that it was a buyer from a famous shop. One week later he called me telling that the jacket was sold to a famous star and he ordered the whole collection from me. It inspired me a lot and it gave me the energy to continue my development in this direction.

What a great story behind the label and what a unique way for you to develop this label further. Tell me a bit about your first fashion show? Where was it held?

My first fashion show was held during the French Movie Festival. After the presentation of my collection at the exhibition of modern art I have got a proposal from the organizer of this festival to become a part of their program. It was a big honor for me, I accepted his suggestion and started to prepare the collection. As far as it was a movie festival I was taken the inspiration from the films and gave the name to this collection “Red Carpet”. The podium for the defile was also made of the red carpet so that the models were making the catwalk like the movie stars. That’s how my debut was held. It was going in the Palace of Pierre Carden on Champs Elysses and few years later I organized another show there to celebrate five years jubilee. That time it was my own party and the collection was made in traditionally Russian style.

  • What made you choose the fabrics you use?

Choosing the fabrics and furs for my collections I always give the priority to the quality first. Of course it has to be extremely beautiful but only that is not enough. I drive thousands of kilometers looking for the antique laces on free markets, visit hundreds of fabric factories and go to all the fur auctions. That makes me travel a lot and that is what I also adore in my work.

  • If you could dress one celebrity who would it be and why?

If I could dress any star I want, I would choose Marlene Dietrich. My showroom in Paris is located in the house where she was living before on 12, Avenue Montaigne and her energy still helps me in my creativity.  It could be a great pleasure for me to make her a beautiful dress and fur coat, but unfortunately she is not alive…

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

For the last few years I have got a lot of proposals from the international boutiques and big markets to supply them the collection. But the concept of the multiple production is alien for the philosophy of my brand. My creations are not for the wide audience, I make just 120 pieces a year. The change of this strategy could make a bad influence on my collection and give it commercial smell. I don’t want to convert my creative process to business that’s why in future I would like to keep the concept of making one-of-a-kind things, things with a soul. And every year I’m going to make evolution finding the new materials and the new ways of their matching.