Monika Jakisic’s Blog: Dr. Weiss Breast Cancer Luncheon

Yesterday I was invited by a special lady called Nina Montée Karp to an intimate luncheon with Dr. Marisa Weiss, one of America’s top oncologist and president and founder of

It is the most visited breast cancer website in the world reaching over 27 million people globally within the past ten years. Dr Marissa  Weiss has more than 20 years of active practice in the Philadelphia region.

The two women joined forces three and half years back when Dr. Weiss invited Nina to join the board of the breast cancer organization. She later wrote, produced and directed a film on breast cancer with half the proceeds given to the organization and the other half given to research and development at UCLA with Dr Slamon.

I was captivated by both Nina and Dr Weiss’ leadership in inspiring us to action , through their moving sharing of what cancer is and on the possibilities of bringing awareness and Prevention to such an illness.

I noticed that the ladies present were of all ages and from all walks of life , they had all been victims of breast cancer and had all overcome it. One in seven women are diagnosed with cancer and although it  is just a genetic disposition, it has many ways of manifesting.

I was moved to tears as I heard these heartbreaking realities. I have never lost anyone to Cancer but I do now understand what impact it has on people’s lives who have experienced and survived it. I realized how fragile life is and that to lead a happy positive attitude to life is a key in combating stress that I learnt is an underlining factor for cancer development . healthy eating such as organic produce and having NO stress reduces the possibilities of developing cancer cells.

If you want to read more ,Dr. Weiss is the author of four critically acclaimed books on breast cancer and breast health, published by Random House: Living Beyond Breast Cancerand Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer, coauthored with her mother, Ellen Weiss (1998, 2010); Taking Care of Your “Girls:” A Breast Health Guide for Girls, Teens, and In-Betweens, coauthored with her daughter, Isabel Friedman (2008); and 7 Minutes!: How to Get the Most from Your Doctor Visit (2007).

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