Fine jewelry is an interesting beast. Implementations of precious metals and gemstones vary and fashioning them in a unique matter, but in one that will remain timeless, becomes a marriage of quality of construction and divine execution. It’s rare.

Enter Pomellato.

The Italian fine jewelry house, founded in 1967, has an interesting sensibility that has allowed them to continuously create the kind of pieces that women want not only to have, but to buy for themselves. Creativity is at the helm of this success.

While staying true to the brands aesthetic and the original spirit of its Italian roots, Pomellato has cleverly been able to develop product with great relevancy and timelessness all at once. Pieces that have been a part of their permanent collections continue to be reinvented and rereleased, as so strong is the desire. And for the woman of today, that requires more than just something pretty to look at. That’s where the quality of construction comes in.

  Next on the docket, Pomellato will open their Los Angeles location on the famed Rodeo Drive.

Pomellato is known for an extremely organic wear. Stones are fastened in such ways that they move with the finger as opposed to against; links slither across the neckline; and earrings grace the face with ease and comfort—this is why the jewelry house can be considered of a prêt-a-porter caliber, embracing wearable trends in a wearable way without ever sacrificing the luxe factor that makes the brand so coveted.

Of course since living in Pomellato is equal parts about the experience, so should shopping for it. Thus the retail concept was built as an extension of the brand, fashioned like a jewel itself. Even the door handles are giant, oversized rings. And the expansion of these concept stores continues to grow around the globe. Since the flagship opening in Milan in 1982, Pomellato has continued to mark new milestones with boutiques punctuating the globe. Now at close to 30, there are doors in New York, Bal Harbour, Chicago, Paris, Monte-Carlo, Antwerp, Madrid, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Dubai and Tokyo amongst others. Next on the docket, Pomellato will open their Los Angeles location on the famed Rodeo Drive. Partnerships with major-name multi-label retail outlets exist as well. In locales such as Bergdorf Goodman, Pomellato devotees can pick up limited edition versions of existing designs: we currently adore the emerald encrusted Tango necklace included in the BG offerings.

Similarly worth celebrating, the brand fetes the 10th anniversary of the Nudo collection of stackable rings, releasing rings donning new stones so that the Pomellato woman can continue to collect.

Coming up on the 45-year mark, we focus our gaze steadily on this gem of a brand, eagerly awaiting what’s to come and steadily picking up pieces along the way—pieces to wear for life.