Haute Ambassador Martin Katz: Red Carpet Ready

My passion for jewelry began with vintage pieces, especially from Art Deco through the Retro period. Photos of Old Hollywood celebrities draped in magnificent jewels caught my eye early on. The stars looked so glamorous and sophisticated wearing their lavish diamonds and gems as a way of life that I was mesmerized by it.

 This year, the Old Hollywood style in which I was first inspired by is coming back into vogue.

Inspired by Old Hollywood and now met with the more contemporary tastes of new Hollywood, I had trouble acquiring vintage pieces in the style and from the period that met my desires as well as that of my clients changing tastes. I determined that I would begin designing my own jewelry influenced by the glamour of vintage jewels and the modern day trends. Soon, I had created a contemporary collection of jewelry that gained rather instant acclaim. The secret to that successful endeavor was that they were “contemporary pieces, with an old soul.”  Meticulously made and all signed and numbered, I found a way to appeal to both the new and old collector tastes.

My work came to life in a public capacity when my designs were seen on the biggest names from the Silver Screen. Since 1992, hundreds of celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet have been seen wearing my jewelry on the red carpets of the most prominent award shows including the Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and American Music Awards.

Today, stars like Claire Danes, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Swank, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Freida Pinto and Katy Perry have graced the red carpet in my pieces. So it is with much excitement that we approach our 19th consecutive season on the Red Carpet.

This year, the Old Hollywood style in which I was first inspired by is coming back into vogue. Anticipate the use of sophisticated up-do hairstyles as a popular method of showing off big earrings and bracelets while exposing bare collarbones, as open necklines make big statement earrings the centerpiece of the outfit. Oppositely, layered necklaces on high necklines are trending, especially combined with the layering of chunky, mixed color and textured bracelets. Old Hollywood glamour will also rouse jewelry trends, with women wearing vintage-inspired jewelry pieces, like my Gardenia Pin set in Titanium.

Women will also be making statements in bold, show-stopping jewels in the form of large cocktail rings, chunky bracelets and oversize earrings in bright, shocking hues. Expect the unexpected: unpredictable color combinations are trending, like a red dress paired with tourmaline earrings. Yellow dresses and sapphires, blue dresses with yellow diamonds or with amethyst are all beautiful blends as well.

Be sure to keep an eye out this awards season to watch the trends come to life, and of course to celebrate Old Hollywood glamour, modern day styling and the 19th season of Martin Katz designs on the red carpet.

Martin Katz