Every fabric choice, every line, every stitch is our obsession.

Ah, the Roaring Twenties.

While I obviously didn’t have the privilege of living in that amazing period in history, I can only imagine what a wonderful time everyone had. With great economic growth and widespread prosperity, the United States augmented its standing as the richest country in the world.

And they absolutely dressed the part for every occasion.

When most of us look back at the 1920s, all we see are images in black and white. But as someone who has studied all the eras in our nation’s past, I can tell you that it was possibly the most colorful period we’ve ever experienced, especially when it came to dress.

The men were fashion-forward people, aiming to exude an impression of superiority and dominance. And, despite the fact that most of the people were working class, they projected a sense of style rarely seen in present times.

Today, subtle hints of this era are back.

As seen in Mark Wahlberg’s great new series Boardwalk Empire, the characters bring the Roaring Twenties style of dress backto life. No one pulls it off better than the leading man himself, Nucky Thompson, played splendidly by Steve Buscemi.

Bold fabrics and some serious colors dominate the series, and these trends have slowly re-emerged into our present-day dress code among those who put fashion at the top of their list.

For example, take the three-piece suit. Nearly extinct for many years, this classic styling is roaring back.  The trend oozes with class and style, and combined with the wide variety of bold colors and fabrics available in men’s clothing today, it’s a blueprint for success.

At David August, we’re not waiting for 2020 to bring back this classic design. Our client list, which includes the likes of Will Smith, Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard and others, has already stepped to the plate to order up some of these retro designs.

Renowned for our style, attention to detail and unmatched quality, our team includes the finest master tailors in the world, tailors who meticulously handcraft each piece of clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every fabric choice, every line, every stitch is our obsession. Every accessory, from shoes and belts to ties and knitwear, are considered and planned to perfection.

The complete David August experience is like no other, from the initial meeting where measurements are taken and fabrics are chosen to the final fitting where we ensure a well-tailored fit and ultimate satisfaction. This is when our clients begin to understand the thrill of being impeccably dressed and the sense of power and pride that it brings.

Take a step forward in fashion with the guidance of the David August team, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your new look.

All my best,

David Heil