GOURMET HOLIDAY SPECIAL EDITION 2011 – The Ultimate Seasonal Survival Guide For Home Chefs

On November 10th, Gourmet Holiday hosted  a  media lunch at the Conde Nast building to highlight dishes from their fourth Special Edition issue. I was so excited by the special invitation to the very intimate lunch ( just twelve Bloggers and media folk). Food editor Kemp Minifie and consulting sommelier, Belinda Chang, GM/Wine Director of the Monkey Bar, were there to serve commentary over the food and wine courses.

To my delight I sat right next to Kemp Minifie during the fabulous and beyond tasty dishes served. Colorful conversations flowed during the hour long lunch, at our table with Kemp. From the mystery of …why you either love or hate cilantro? Kemp explained to us that Scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia found that ” Not everyone is able to detect the pleasant aspect of cilantro, so some people get only the full-on hit of soapiness, perhaps due to genetic mutations to our olfactory receptors. Even if your nose can’t get to the good side of cilantro, it’s possible to learn to appreciate it.” Totally explains, why I love cilantro and my Hubby hates it. Another fascinating  subject was how to cook the perfect Turkey

Gourmet Holiday the fourth Special Edition under the Gourmet brand, debuted on newsstands nationwide October 18th, 2011 as the ultimate seasonal survival guide for home chefs. Kemp Minifie told me ” aside from being a season survival guide to get you through the doggedly season, it is a place for the curious cook.”

This  fourth Special Edition issue is a collection of the magazine’s most beloved special-occasion dishes — 117 recipes in all, each accompanied by stunning photography — plus insider advice and time-saving tips.  Gourmet Holiday is available on newsstands and at condenaststore.com throughout the holiday season, until January 2, for $10.99.

Gourmet Holiday was edited by Catherine Kelley, Executive Editor, Content Development, in partnership with the issue’s food editor Kemp Minifie, former executive food editor of Gourmet magazine, and project editor Margot Guralnick.   Gourmet magazine was introduced in 1941 as “The Magazine of Good Living.”  Seven decades later, its mission remains the same through special edition issues.

The five food courses that were featured at the Gourmet Holiday media lunch:

Bloody Mary Shrimp
Butternut Squash, Corn and Lemongrass Soup
Extra Moist Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy and Wild Mushroom Bread ( Brioche) Pudding
Potato Latkes and spring salad
Lemon Coconut Layer cake

The four wines paired with the food courses :

Raventos i Blanc Cava Gran Reserva 2006 magnum
Hirsch Riesling Heiligenstein, Kamptal 2009 magnum
La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva 2005 magnum
Saracco Moscato d’Asti 2010 magnum

I hope you enjoy the photographs I was able to take of all the delicious food. I cannot wait to try some of these amazing recipes for the holidays.

Naima Sanowar also writes for her Blog The Advenurista