The Best Luxury Apps for the iPhone

Photo: Lets Go Digital

One of the best parts about having an iPhone is having access to all the fun applications. New apps come out everyday, so how can any one person be expected to keep track of them all? Luckily you have us and we’re about to break down the best luxury apps for your fabulous phone.

1. Hublot App: See how any of their beautiful timepieces look on your wrist.

2. Omega App: Check out whose been wearing these high-end watches and browse the entire collection right from your phone.

3. Audi App: See how the Audi A8 really feels using this app. –  navigate the entire car, inside and out.

4. Rolls-Royce App: Create your ideal Rolls-Royce Ghost with this fun app – change the color, interior, exterior and everything in between to test out what you like.

5. Tiffany & Co. App: Use this app to find love advice and to submit your own pictures of you and your loved one.

6. Cartier Bridal App: Browse through some of the most beautiful wedding bands in the world.

7. YCO Yacht Box App: Your own personal yacht broker – browse through the most luxurious yachts until you find your dream boat.

8. Gucci App: Use this app as your own personal magazine. Browse the latest fashion trends and shop from virtually anywhere.

9. Tod’s App: Get up close and personal with Tod’s signature bag. This app brings you into the lives of six women who are all connected by their D-Bag.

10. Swarovski Refract App: Call all you artists out there! Create your own on-screen artwork with this fun app.

Source: Elite Choice