Monika Jakisic On Set With “The Doctors”

I was recently on set at Paramount Studios with Dr. Travis Stork, Dr Lisa Masterson, Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. James Sears from the  CBS daytime talk show The Drs.

It was my first time on taping the show,  I’m from London so I was unprepared.  The audience was so extremely excited , very different from Europeans. All the doctors were very animated and I actually got into it myself . They gave us lots of useful advise and demonstrated cross fit training. There was a little girl  who came on the show with her family and the surgeon who restored her smile. It was touching experience . It bought tears to my eyes , very heart felt.

After the show I had a little walk around and ended up on the “streets of New York” at Paramont Studios. As Alicia Keys says “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York.” I loved my new york expierience in the middle of sunny la la land.