Keith Urban Releases PHOENIX


When you’re a celebrity, you know you’ve hit it big time when fans want to start smelling like you. From Beyonce to Mariah, celebrities have mixed up their own scents of sweet and spicy. This fall, Four-time Grammy Award winning country artist Keith Urban has also released his own fragrance, PHOENIX.

Working with Boom LLC, Urban wanted to create a scent that represents and expresses his spirit. “I’ve always loved the feeling that comes from finding the right scent and the way it can say so much about a person,” said Urban. Through PHOENIX, Urban wanted to bring together scents that brought together masculinity and sensuality.

When asked what were some of his favorite scents, Urban quoted to be drawn to “Fresh-cut grass, clothes drying in a dryer. I love wood-burning fireplaces. Jasmine, gardenia.” The cologne thus leans to more earthy tones, infused a variety of scents including black berries, cognac, dark chocolate, and gourmand amber.

The fragrance, of course, is also approved by actress and wife, Nicole Kidman. “She does,” jokes Urban. “Certainly that was my first point of reference.”

Though purchasing fragrances may never let you smell exactly like your favorite stars, you’ll at least get a gist of who they are. The PHOENIX also represents something beyond the smells themselves. In essence, the fragrance represents the hard times that the country star has gone through, the symbol of the phoenix itself representing strength and renewal.

PHOENIX will be available this October in various mass retailers. The price ranges vary from $24-$48, depending on size.