Art Basel Preview: Marc Fornes’ ‘Labrys Frisae’ In Part Of Graffiti Gone Global

Graffiti Gone Global (GGG), powered by SUSHISAMBA, will take part in its fifth consecutive exhibition of urban contemporary art and design, during Art Basel Miami Beach where French architect, Marc Fornes, will unveil ‘Labrys Frisae’ – a conceptual, non-linear structure reminiscent of three-dimensional graffiti.

‘Labrys Frisae’ will be the largest installation of Fornes’ oeuvre to date. Once completed, ‘Labrys Frisae’ will span 30 feet and rise 16 feet above the floor, utterly transforming Midtown’s glass Rotunda space.  The design will allow visitors  to obtain a greater understanding of the installation through three entryways leading them ‘inside’ the structure. Moreover, the exhibiton space will permit viewers to experience Fornes’ work from multiple perspectives – from both the ground floor and the mezzanine level – while the visitor’s relationship with Fornes’ 3-D graffiti will shift according to their position in the Rotunda. Beyond the structure itself, Fornes will heighten and seduce the visitor’s visual and auditory senses with lighting and music, leaving them mesmerized by his ability to seamlessly transform mathematical cryptogram into a large-scale, art installation.