Magic Man: David Copperfield

 His meticulous attention to detail is perfectly embodied in the wake up call in all the guest suites.

David Copperfield has made magic on the stage for years. Now he’s turned to a different medium. Enter Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, Copperfield’s magic-infused secluded vacation destination, a creation all his own.

With a $35 million renovation, Copperfield transformed what otherwise would have been simply a breathtaking chain of islands and turned them into a magical experience. Want to see a movie? Visit Dave’s Drive-in, a state of the art theater that magically appears on the beach. In the mood for pool? Play on a table that once belonged to Houdini. Want a secluded beach all to yourself? The 40 beaches sprinkled amongst the 11 private islands can speak to that.

If you’re in the mood for an adventure, The Treasure of Copperfield Bay takes you on a bona fide treasure hunt, created by ‘The Unknown Pirate,’ otherwise known as Copperfield and his creative team. Relaxation takes the form of massages, lying on the sugar sand beaches soaking up the sun or even hitting the tennis courts.

Copperfield used his own experiences staying at varying hotels and resorts during his nine world tours to oversee the recent renovations, which created a fantastical tropical escape.

“I was a customer of those kind of places for years and years and years,” he said. “I remember thinking of what set those places apart.” And what set them apart were, quite simply, the attention to detail.

“The way the hangers were made was important, the way the amenities were displayed in the bathroom and the type of amenities – what you felt when you smelled what you saw around you, how you were hugged and embraced architecturally when you entered was important, the towels and how the towels would absorb water after a shower was important,” he said. “Having looked at all that, I paid close attention to the graphics and every single thing.”