Carriage House: The Innovative New Way to Showcase Art

Yesterday was the launch of the Carriage House’s first art exhibition. Carriage House is a fantastic new residential building located on 159 W 24th street. In the earlier part of the 20th century, Carriage House was the city’s longest-running garage. However it was recently turned into a 24-unit luxury condominium. The event featured 12 artists from diverse backgrounds including: Claudia Baez, Emma Mccagg, Riiko Sakkinen, photographer Dan Perrone( who was in attendance), Alejandro Diaz and Majeed Beenteha. Guests wandered around the six units looking at the strategically placed art while enjoying food provided by Korilla BBQ, who have famously appeared on the Food Network’s “ The Great Food Truck Race.” The food truck was the best piece of edible art at the event. The menu featured tacos, rice, and burritos filled with Korean barbecued beef bulgogi.

Curator Raul Zamudio

The event was curated by Raul Zamudio, a New York-based curator. He curated his first show in November 2000 and has been in demand ever since. He chose this building because he found it a challenge organizing the paintings in the apartments so they would still have a strong narrative component as well as being able to fit well in people’s homes. Raul expressed that he did not want the works of art to eclipse the building but rather to fit well into the apartments.

One of his favorite pieces was a painting known as “Pi” by artist Emma McCagg that was hung on the wall in the staircase of the penthouse. He chose this spot so the painting would be visible from different areas of the apartment including the stairs, master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Also on hand was art installer, Tom Zoufaly from Art Installation Desgin who recommended pieces should be hung 60 inches from the center of the art.

Curator Raul Zamudio’s favorite “Pi” painting.

The event had a large turn out with people admiring the paintings and expressing their admiration of the luxurious apartments for well over two hours. The works of art will only be available for an eight-week run, so go now before they are gone!