The Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies Partners with Wildlife Groups to Protect Nevis Turtle

The Four Seasons Resort in Nevis, West Indies, an exclusive member of The Haute Hotel Network, has partnered with the nonprofit Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Nevis Turtle Group to help protect the Nevis Turtle. These turtles are natives to the island and, returning year after year to give birth and then, later, to revisit their birthplace, they have become a real tourist attraction.

Stay at the Four Seasons and enjoy everything that the beautiful island has to offer. Swim, play on the beach, or take a hike through the mountains – it’s up to you!  Golf and tennis are also available for those who want to stretch their muscles while basking in the West Indies sun. If it’s the right time of year, don’t forget to check out the turtles!

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