Gelsomino Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma, a historic brand of Italian perfumery, creates the collection of Le Nobili di Acqua di Parma inspired by the splendor and elegant botanical exuberance of noble greenery. This fall, a new fragrance is introduced into the Le Nobili collection: Gelsomino Nobile. The scent features a unique species of Jasmine grown only in the Calabria region of Italy creating a floral green-musk style of eau de parfum.

Iris, Magnolia and from next September Jasmine are the three refined essences of Le Nobili inspired by their respective flowers, among the most emblematic. In the Renaissance, jasmine was the symbol of the landscape culture which gave origin to the Italian-style garden which was ordered to reflect the seeming harmony between man and nature.

Gelsomino Nobile is created by Acqua di Parma through the use of Jasmine of Calabria, one of the most rare and purest variety of jasmine. Tiny, white petals decorate the corolla of the flower; its beauty symbolizes a noble feminity.

The perfume is accented by notes of mandarin and pink pepper which contribute to its glowing character. The perfume is encapsulated into an iconic clear glass bottle with precious gold tones while the pastel green hues on the label offer a distinctive contrast which evoke the fresh and spontaneous personality of jasmine. On the bottom of the cylinder-shaped case is a unique color combination which contrasts with the typical Acqua di Parma yellow.

A perfume which exemplifies a forgotten royalty, Gelsomino Nobile couples the elegance of the Italian landscape with the feminine scents of Jasmine of Calabria.