PATRIK P. HOFFMANN : The Legacy Lives On

 “I realized in America things move faster, sometimes things might not have to be that perfect, but many times they say do it, let’s try it, and then we can make corrections on the way.”

Patrik P. Hoffmann is stepping up.

Hoffmann has taken the helm at renowned timepiece manufacturer Ulysse Nardin as the successor of beloved President and CEO Rolf W. Schnyder, who passed away unexpectedly in April.

“He left an extremely healthy company behind,” Hoffmann said of his predecessor. “He was a radiant guy. He was never short on words.”

And he left behind a prosperous company.

“[With] some companies, new management comes and they have to turn things around,” Hoffmann said. “We don’t have to turn anything around. We can keep going the way it was done. There will be changes, but it’s going to be an evolution.”

Other members of the UlysseNardin family were nothing short of supportive of Hoffmann in his new role.

“I feel very fortunate to know Patrik Hoffmann, and to be able to call him not only a work colleague but one of my best friends,” said Bobby Yampolsky of East Coast Jewelry, who opened the first UlysseNardin boutique in the United States in Boca Raton last year.  “And [while] Rolf’s passing is very sad and unfortunate, UlysseNardin and Rolf should be very proud to have Patrik at the helm.”