ESPA: A Glorious Retreat

Escape to a contemporary abode influenced by centuries-old Middle Eastern rituals for cleansing and well being. ESPA at the The Yas Hotel is a chic, urban spa emanating sophistication and style from its location on the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. The spa architecturally contrasts elements of Arabian culture with contemporary design giving it a unique feel akin to the region. Situated on two-floors, ESPA takes guests on a sensory journey through serene and tranquil places which offer specialized treatments for men and women.

Experience the wonders of deep cleansing at an exclusive female-only hammam. This double-plinth hammam honors the traditions of the Middle Eastern hammam, an Arabic word which means “spreader of warmth.” You begin your treatment with a preparation ritual in a steam room to soften skin and soothe tired muscles. Next you progress to the heart of the hammam and lie down on a warm marble plinth whereby a specialist will proceed with the traditional cleansing using warm water and a Kese (exfoliating mitt) and black soap. The soap turns into a soothing lather which exfoliates, moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

Men can enjoy the Metronap pods located in the men’s relaxation room providing for ultimate revitalization. Also offered is a tailored fitness massage for men which incorporates deep massage pressure to specific requested areas of the body. Advanced massage techniques as well as hot volcanic stones are used during this specialized treatment to relieve tight muscles and improve circulation and mobility.

Journey into the private spa suite which is the ultimate form of luxurious restoration for the mind and the body. Relax in serenity in a contemporary abode alone or with a loved one and marvel at the stunning views of the Yas marina race track below. The private suite features an exclusive single plinth hammam, a treatment room, a relaxation area, and a Technogym Kinesis studio including an experiential shower with color therapy and a private steam room. Direct access from The Yas Presidential Suite takes place through a private elevator as well as a VIP entrance on the marina which allows guests to arrive by yacht or helicopter.

The northern tip of the spa houses the Rotunda, a special cylindrical room made from stone furnishings which create a sculptural garden around a central column. The inner core of the column has a cooler temperature and features refrigerated floors to counter the warm conditions of the hammam.  It contains an illuminated night scape ceiling and an amorphous sculpted stone lounge.

A refined spa experience of unparalleled sensory anecdotes, guests will marvel at the cascade of water elongating the walls as they walk up the stairs and the array of warm lights exuding a comforting and intimate ambiance. A trip to The Yas Hotel is not complete without a visit to this holistic realm.

ESPA at The Yas Hotel

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