Dori’s World: Cap Ferrat, Monaco and A Black Tie Affair

From Ibizia to Cap Ferrat, France to relax for a few nights. We stayed at the Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, had dinner at a friend Rodrigo De Santiago’s fabulous villa one night and another night at Tetou, then off to Monaco where we hit up the Hotel Hermitage, Monaco Beach Club,  Jimmy’z Night Club and then bday party at the new Schrager restaurant  called A’Trego.

Joining me were Richie Akiva, Helle and Joe McMad, Carolina Parsons, Gloria Rizzo, Rena Sindi, Serra Kidar and Giulia Caltagirone.

One of the best parties in St. Tropez was Thomas Leclercq’s Party. It’s the one black tie event in the summer, but why not, he goes all out!

There was caviar, dancers, bands, djs, all sorts of performers and even tigers. Yes, real tigers! One of the highlights was one DJ was singing to Denise Rich on the moving carousel like dance floor! All the usual St. Tropez subjects were there, and we partied